In 2014 I was selected by WonderRoot's CSA to produce 40 pieces of art for their art collectors. I chose to begin a series of paintings that have been inspired by the beauty of simple lines and shapes found in Aztec Art. View all 40 paintings here.  

I have been exploring the Art of Aztec History, Mythology and Deities since coming across my first Aztec mural in the streets of my neighborhood: East LA. 

Born and raised in East Los Angeles, my Mexican history is evident in the multitude of murals and art in our neighborhoods. Many a mural tell the story of the Aztec Gods leading the Nahuatl people across the continent, from the mythical land of Aztlan to the south towards modern day Mexico City, to the city-state once known as Tenochtitlan. 

Spending my early childhood in the classroom in Mexico City, I listened to the stories of Aztec victory and defeat at the hands of Spanish Conquistadores and Hernan Cortes as told by an emotional and very animated history teacher. Stories of bravery by the last Aztec Emperor Cuahutemoc and great battles of Aztec Warriors defending their home, made for vivid images in my young mind. 

There were stories of Tezcatlipoca, God of Destiny, Quetzalcoatl, God of Learning and Creativity. The code of the Warrior was as important as following the leadership of Huitzilopochtli, God of War. 

And never forget Tlaltecuhtli, Goddess of the Earth and Tonatiuh, the Sun God. 

As a Mexican born in the USA, A Chicano, myth, history and reality are intermixed in our everyday lives. The travels of the Aztecs form a mythical land to their god-chosen empire, the travels of our parents on a quest for a land of opportunity. The stories of Aztec Deites living very emotional and at times- terrifying lives, the stories of Mexican Heroism and the Mexican Revolution told by my grandmother. Myth and History have no beginning and no end. 

We are part of that Myth, we are the continuation of that History. 

Azteca Moderno is my interpretation of those myths into modern day physical realities thru my creative expression of art. 

After a lifetime of learning, I am just getting started.
DTM - Aztec Warrior 

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Azteca Moderno 2016 Series by @DeltaTangoMike 
2014 Azteca Moderno for CSA
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