7 Day #DigitalChallenge starts with the iPad Air 2 and Adonit Pixel Stylus for iOS 

The Adonit Pixel Stylus is perfect for drawing on iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhones. I reviewed the Adonit Pixel here on Facebook: 

The iPad Air 2 is a great tool to start the digital drawing practice. My favorite apps are Adobe Draw and Adobe Sketch. Adobe has made it easy to connect drawing apps with the power of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Draw thru the use of Adobe Creative Cloud. 

Stay tuned, subscribe and turn on notifications because this week I will be drawing everyday with a different digital tool including #SamsungNote10 #SamsungNote5 #DellVenue8 #SurfacePro4 #iPadAir2 #iPadPro #Cintiq21UX #HPprodesk And that means #Windows10 #Android #ios @sketchableapp #AdobeDraw #AdobeSketch 

A lot of times we think that we need better/pricier tools to create the art our talents deserve but the reality is we can create impactful art with very simple tools, even in the digital space. 

Follow my work at @DeltaTangoMike , illustrator and designer, DTM 
“Merce” character by @KeefCross and @DayBlackComic

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