Day 5 of 7 Day #DigitalChallenge is all about Adobe Draw and Adobe Sketch on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. 

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I remember when the first Samsung Note came out, I wanted one so I could draw on my phone! My digital illustration path had not yet started and I knew that drawing on the Note would give me creative freedom at anytime I felt like drawing.

I was able to walk into the AT&T store by the time the Note 2 was in stores, and get me a new one since my contract was up. My satisfaction was a bit short lived as every year the smartphone technology has continued to expand to the point that drawing on a phone is not the novelty it once was. 

Currently I own several Note phones, I collect them really. I want the ability to draw on the go, quick and easy, right out of my pocket. I want to be able to sketch out my ideas before I forget them. And if I use Adobe Draw and Adobe Sketch on the Note and export to Adobe Illustrator then I can finish an illustration for a client!

Get you a Samsung Note off craigslist, facebook marketplace, anywhere you can and get to drawing, they are cheap now!
Also, the pen I am using is the Bamboo Pen for Samsung Note tablets and smartphones by Wacom. It is worth every penny!

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