Day 6 of 7 Day #DigitalChallenge is all about Adobe Sketch and Adobe Draw, 2 free awesome apps for sketching and drawing that lead to a professional illustration.

I am drawing on 7 different devices on 7 different days. A lot of times we think that we need better/pricier tools to create the art our talents deserve but the reality is we can create impactful art with very simple tools, even in the digital space.

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Ever since the iPad made it to the market, I knew I had to get my hands on one and try to draw with it! By then I already owned and had tried to draw with, a Bamboo Tablet by Wacom. I say I tried, it was a very rough start to my digital drawing training.

As time went on, I admired the iPad from afar and got my hands on a Samsung Note 10 and then a Note 10.1 and discovered how well made the Note was.

Eventually, I started collecting devices and aftermarket pens to draw digitally, pens from Adonit and Wacom, but nothing really worked well with the iPad.

I’ve had the iPad 2, the iPad Air, the iPad mini and finally: the iPad Pro. Once I heard that Apple was finally releasing the iPad Pro, I was ready to draw with some of the best apps in the App Store including Adobe Draw and Adobe Sketch.

I am still enjoying myself!

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