Day 7 Of 7 Day #DigitalChallenge w Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pen  

Day 7 of 7 Day #DigitalChallenge is here and we are drawing with the top device in the list of drawing tablets I own. I have been drawing on 7 different devices on 7 different days show that we do not need the most expensive tools to create impactful art, Even in the digital space, there are different levels of access to tools for every budget. 

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Many years ago, way before the Surface line of tablets, I approached the Microsoft Store to feature some drawing sessions on their devices. I do not recall what drawing tablet Microsoft was selling but they agreed to host a couple of drawing demos. 

I had never drawn digitally at this point! 

I have been working with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop since 2001/2002 but had not taken the opportunity to draw on the screen. I did own an HP laptop that had a pen enabled screen when I started with Illustrator, but it never occurred to me to draw with it. I do no know why. In any case, those demo days at the Microsoft Store in 2011 were my first time trying to draw digitally. 

The store had some devices and I remember using a Samsung tablet running windows, I drew on the basic drawing app, I think this was Windows 7. Windows 8 was coming and it was called Metro at that time. Then the Surface drops and I know I want one! By then I had started to work with my Wacom Bamboo tablet and got familiar with current tools enough to realize that the best tablets were the ones that came with a pen. 

By the time the Surface 3 was on the market, I was ready to buy one at full price. The next year the iPad Pro came to the market and now it was a race for the soul of an artist! Since 2016 I have owned both, the iPad Pro and the Surface Pro 4 and my admiration for both machines is still strong. 

I do not have a preference of one over the other, however, I do see the value in each machine and their capabilities to help me produce the art I need. I still own a Surface Pro 4, the one on this video is a 16GB RAM, i7 Processor and 500GB SSD. More than enough power to help me with my work in the Adobe Creative Cloud including Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Audition and of course, Sketchable App. 

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