This holiday weekend we visited with my brother in law at the family cookout and I saw how big his kids are growing up to be. Solomon, Sarah and Sophia are beautiful children and I was inspired to illustrate their natural beauty. 
I took a picture of Sarah and Sophia, their dad sent me Solomon's picture later, and started the sketch in Adobe Illustrator Draw on the iPad Pro.
While in Adobe Draw, I focus on the linework and likeness. I dont spend a lot of time with color, I will work on that later. My main purpose is to have smooth curvy lines to reflect the children's likeness. 
I export the illustration to Adobe Illustrator on my desktop once I have a drawing I like.  
In Adobe Illustrator I work on the colors trying to match up the skin tones and get the depth gradients. I also clean up the random shapes and lines that get in the way while drawing on the iPad. Plus I fix the artboard to fit a regular 8.5x11. 
Check it out below, C&C welcome!
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