B-Boy Vader. the lost years. 

I like art concepts that mash different themes together and turn the usual into something new. 

In this case I wondered what Lord Vader would do with his time when he's not out there ruling the Galactic Empire. Since the first Star Wars movie came out in the 1970s AND the early days of Hip Hop were in full swing, then it would be interested to see what the Lost Days of B-Boy Vader looked like. 

This is the character concept that came out of that idea. I will try to revisit as often as I can. I already have several ideas to work with, I just need more time. 

I sketched out the whole process on Sketchable App with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. I share some of my workflow in a video posted to YouTube here: http://bit.ly/dtmdigitaltechnique 

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Final Image. B-Boy Vader with his BoomBox, Shelltoes and Kangol! 
Two layers into my workflow. 1. blue lines shapes. 2. red line sketch. 
3. Explore color, shading and more lines. 
4. Lines complete, playing with composition and layout. 
5. Composition options and more shading techniques. 
6. Flat colors. 
8. Shadow placement. 
9. Test the look, clean up areas that clash with each other. 
10. Background work. We are in space so start with black. 
11. Add details and manage layers. 
12. Add outline around the whole figure to help the outline stand out. 
Final illustration details. 
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