#Inktober vs #AdobeMAX in my own personal #AdobeMAXchallenge 
The idea was to create a series of new digital drawings that attracted attention to my art at AdobeMAX with Cinamaker in LA October 15 and 16 and show off my skills as an illustrator. 

So what are the goals of this project? 
There had to be a theme across the drawings to take advantage of the #Inktober artist challenge. 
The art had to be digital since AdobeMAX is centered around the Creative Cloud. 
Create the art in Vector for image scalability in future use.
The featured art had to be something that would be easily recognizable.
The art style has to fit with my personal art. 
I like drawing people. 

The plan then developed pretty easily. 
Draw digitally in Adobe Apps and show off the power of Adobe Sketch, Adobe Draw and Adobe Illustrator. Digital Inktober! 
Feature Adobe Talent in the art so fans can see their favorite designer and illustrator in the series. Get some reshares and reposts. 
Azteca Moderno makes the connection between the AdobeMAX challenge and my personal art style of Aztec flair. I like drawing people! 

The fine creators of Cinamaker App are providing me with the platform to share my art style, techniques and knowledge with the crowd at AdobeMAX. We will record my process and edit down a series of videos for later publishing, all live from booth 1118. 

The final goal is to complete the month of October with a new drawing every day. Once AdobeMax is over, I may find other illustrators, creators, entrepreneurs I admire as subjects to complete the series. 

See you in LA! 
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